Preventing Housefly Infestations

Aside from being frustrating, a housefly infestation can possibly be the cause of life-threatening diseases and illnesses. That is why you need to know how to prevent housefly infestations if you do not want to deal with these problems.  

Flies breed rapidly and they are persistent. Oftentimes, they’re ready to breed 3 days after their birth. In addition to that, a fly can lay around 150 eggs at a time and 3,000 eggs over its lifespan. Pretty unsettling, right? 

If you don’t want to hire a pest control Memphis for a persistent housefly infestation, here are several ways to prevent it.  

Get Rid of Any Fly You See 

You can simply get rid of flies via different means that fit your style if you’re looking to prevent them from completely infesting your home. Of course, a fly cannot breed if it is dead, right? You can just hit them with a fly swatter. You can also utilize adhesive tape, flytrap, or pesticide. This will need quite some time. Thus, you can do this if you’ve got extra time to spare. 

Utilize Flowers and Herbs 

You should consider utilizing flowers and herbs if you want to prevent infestations of houseflies using natural methods. Why does this work? Well, for those who don’t know, flies are repulsed by and sensitive to the oils generated by particular flowers and herbs. Naturally, flies will avoid it if they are present in your house. Examples of these include mint, bay leaves, lavender, and basil. You can plant these herbs around your garden and your home for maximum effect. All you’ve got to do is to take care of these plants.  

You can also try getting the essential oil equivalent of the plants and herbs mentioned above if you want to take it a bit further. While you’re at home, you can apply the essential oil on your skin. You can also utilize it before going out. This will help you have a natural insect repellent.  

Control Their Access 

Though access control can be utilized to describe restricting the access of individuals in particular areas, it can also be applied to preventing housefly infestation. Also known as exclusion, this means that you have to control the access of houseflies by managing their possible entry points. This includes door screens and windows.  

Another potential entry point that you should consider is damage to your ceiling or roof. This is particularly true if they unexpectedly begin appearing inside your house.  

You always have to keep in mind that simply because there aren’t any houseflies inside your house, does not mean there aren’t any infestations happening around your home. It’s still extremely common for flies to reproduce around your home’s vicinity. This is particularly true in garbage disposal places.  

You will be never completely safe from the possible threats that they come with as long as flies are present. Because of this, you really have to do everything you can to prevent infestations. This means that you might have to call professional pest control for help.  

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